The explanation for Bill Belichick’s significant praise of New England Patriots QB Mac Jones

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By Aaron Wilson, Pro Football Network

Bill Belichick is traditionally stingy with compliments as a venerable, old-school coach who usually reserves praise for the New England Patriots‘ opponents. Belichick even used to give legendary quarterback Tom Brady a hard time when he fell short of the gold standard he had established. That’s why it was so significant how glowing Belichick was Tuesday in his assessment of second-year quarterback Mac Jones and how promising he’s been since his arrival in New England.

Jones has worked closely with private coach David Morris of QB Country in Mobile, Ala. The even-keel approach Jones has applied to everything so far in his NFL career is something Morris identified a long time ago.

“Emotions can flow. Mac does a very good job of managing them,” Morris said in a telephone interview. “It’s the frame of focus. As you’re trying to execute and have successful plays, it’s all about that play and not thinking about the next drive. As long as you can stay within the play and not hover over it and be pretty locked in, you have a better chance of having success. Then, it’s over and it’s on to the next one. Every play is its own entity, so be in the moment.

“Mac is a guy who’s ultra-competitive. Mac is a guy who has persevered through a lot. Most people don’t realize his road to getting there. He’s been very patient. When your moment comes, he took advantage of it.”

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