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ELI JENKINS & COOPER RUSH have in common?  They ALL picked QB Country to lead their NFL Draft Prep!


AJ McCarron and QB Country’s David Morris at Alabama’s 2014 Pro Day

March 14, 2014
” AJ McCarron has A-plus workout at Alabama’s pro day  http://wp.me/pgjDP-tRU 
Gil Brandt @Gil_Brandt, NFL.com Senior analyst on AJ McCarron’s Pro Day:

  NFL Draft Prep


Former USC quarterback Matt Barkley workS with QB Country’s David Morris at D1 in Birmingham, Ala., before the 2013 NFL Draft.

Combined with the strength, speed and agility program, QB Country’s goal is to prepare you for the immediate challenges you will face in the Combine evaluations and Pro Day workout. During this time, we will maximize your potential in every aspect of your game. Your strengths are why you are one of the best at what you do. Your strengths are why you have been so successful. But, at some point, your strengths won’t be able to take you any further. The way you will take the next step is to pinpoint and acknowledge parts of your game that need improvement and work to turn those vulnerabilities into strong points. This is how you reach your ceiling. Our Draft Prep Program is built to condition and challenge quarterbacks mentally and physically specifically for the Combine and Pro Day experiences.  In addition, our arm care and footwork program is second to none in America.

We also want to build on your current football/quarterback knowledge and make you a more intelligent quarterback, leader and thrower. Can you communicate clearly and intelligently your offense with NFL coaches and personnel as well as grasp particular NFL offensive/defensive schemes? Each day you will be educated on NFL fronts, blitz packages, concepts and verbiage. We will also prepare you for the hard questions NFL teams will ask. Each day, expect Film study, game review, practice review, NFL quarterback study tape, board work and communication work. Each workout is filmed for precision so we can see your mechanics up close and personal.

Our goal is to have you prepared to be natural, comfortable rhythmic with everything you will be asked to do for the Combine and Pro Day. This training is based on the 3-, 5- and 7-step game, as well as the gun drop game. Your feet will be quicker and more precise than ever. Each step has a purpose and we will train with that understanding.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
March 29, 2014
“The type of pro-day drills used for #Alabama QB AJ McCarron are the best I have seen, particularly when simulating work from the gun.”
ESPN NFL Analyst Louis Riddick @LRiddickESPN impressed by David Morris’ drills he used for AJ McCarron’s Pro Day:


The NFL Combine

aj mccarron draft prep

two-time National champion quarterback AJ McCarron prepares for Pro Day with QB Country’s David Morris.

WE KNOW THE NFL SCOUTING COMBINE!  Over the last four years, QB Country has trained six quarterbacks for the NFL Scouting Combine. In 2015, 15 quarterbacks were invited to the Combine.  QB Country trained two of those 15. We know how to prepare you for what to expect at the Combine.  Whether it’s the QB drill work, the QB workout or team meetings, we will prepare you for the whole NFL Combine experience. See the list below of quarterbacks who trained with QB Country leading up to the NFL Combine:

2016 NFL COMBINE: Cardale Jones — Ohio State, Paxton Lynch — Memphis

2015 NFL COMBINE: Anthony Boone — Duke, Brandon Bridge — South Alabama

2014 NFL COMBINE: AJ McCarron — Alabama

2013 NFL COMBINE: Matt Barkley — USC

Pro Day

This is one of the most important days of your professional career. Every time we work out over the 8-10 weeks, your pro day is considered. These workouts present an opportunity to be in position to perform at your highest level when pro day arrives. This training will focus on having you in sync in three areas: rhythm, fast-twitch muscle memory and precision in timing. We will rehearse your pro day before the combine but hone in on that workout and master it after the NFL Combine, typically in March.

Your Pro Day will consist of 50-60 scripted throws and 30 +/- warm up/drill work throws (45 MIN workout +/-). For that day, it doesn’t matter how much success you’ve had up to that point. NFL people want to see if you can throw the ball well with every NFL GM and head coach watching. The goal is to make your impression all over again. That day will speak for itself. You will receive a specific plan that is tailored to call forth your strengths and answer any questions about your possible limitations.

April 6, 2016 - University of MemphisÕ former quarterback Paxton Lynch works out in front of NFL scouts gathered for the football teamÕs pro day Wednesday morning. Lynch completed 57 of 69 passes in windy conditions. (Mark Weber/The Commercial Appeal)

April 6, 2016 – University of Memphis former quarterback Paxton Lynch works out in front of NFL scouts gathered for the football team’s pro day Wednesday morning. Lynch completed 57 of 69 passes in windy conditions. (Mark Weber/The Commercial Appeal)

For more information, contact David Morris at:  david@qbcountry.com