Small Group

Займ на карту. Prepare for the various challenges of playing quarterback so you’ll be better able to adapt and thrive in every situation. In groups of 4-5 quarterbacks, we introduce the under-center and gun game — how they’re similar, how they’re different and the timing and pace you’ll need to be consistently successful on the field. We simulate game-like conditions and emphasize footwork and throwing mechanics in ideal and contested environments. You’ll learn to throw every kind of ball — the hard ball, the soft ball, the long ball, the short ball, the trajectory ball, the flat ball. We’ll work quick, intermediate and deep game. Following drill work, we throw routes on air to create chemistry in the passing game and emphasize the theme of the session.

Finally, we gather in a circle and talk about strengths and weaknesses. It’s an important moment to be in front of your peers sharing what you need to work on. There’s a sense of vulnerability that you’ll need at this position because whether you like it or not, you’re out there. As a QB, everybody sees (and has an opinion on) what you’re doing. Being able to listen, to communicate and know yourself is a critical skill.
Once everyone has a chance to speak, we conclude with a prayer.

Small Group Highlights

  • 4-5 quarterbacks in each session
  • Competitive, practice-like environment with individualized instruction
  • Dynamic lower and upper body warmup
  • Fast-paced, comprehensive drill-work
  • Self-reflection and communication in group setting
  • Monthly hand-outs, tips, QB education materials and video/photo coaching points
  • Small group sessions are held year-round with seasonal sub-programs (winter, spring, summer fall)
  • Schedule sessions through your QB Country coach