Since 2005, QB Country has helped thousands of athletes — from youth to the pros — achieve their dreams. We’ve created a proven training blueprint, built a close-knit community and grown a winning culture. Taking athletes to the next level is what we do.

The results speak for themselves: multiple first round NFL draft picks, millions of dollars in scholarships, and most importantly, we’ve helped grow up young people and build leaders. For us there’s no greater joy than seeing a young person learn and develop into a successful adult, embracing self-awareness, discipline, competitiveness, and humility. QB Country athletes succeed because they know what it takes to win on and off the field. We don’t cut corners.

And while we’re known for training quarterbacks, QBC Performance takes the best of QB Country — exceptional coaching, personalized training, holistic development, healthy competition, and our commitment to family and faith — and delivers that unique experience to athletes across all sports.

For serious athletes, this is an opportunity to learn new training methods and gain a competitive advantage in your sport.

There’s simply nothing like it, anywhere.


Athletic and Leadership Foundations
Young trainees will learn athletic and leadership foundations in a fun, safe, dynamic environment. Through structured programming, this course provides an introduction to strength, speed, and agility training as well as athletic fundamentals like balance and body control. Each session includes interactive group activities that emphasize teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

Athlete Foundations  – Grades 4-6
Athlete Development – Grades 7-8 

High School Performance
Inspired by the same world-class training, techniques, and ethos of QB Country’s famed NFL Draft Prep program, our high school performance program is built for serious athletes looking to elevate their game and train with one of the most respected football performance staffs in America. Our program complements school-based lifting programs to maximize strength, linear and lateral movement, mobility, and recovery. This is a holistic performance program built to create personal physical and mental differentiation: gain a better understanding of peak performance, be part of a competitive team, and grow in confidence. 

Rotational Athlete Academy
This is our signature program for quarterbacks, overhead, and rotational athletes in sports like tennis, lacrosse, golf, and volleyball. Developed over more than a decade and informed by the world’s top sports performance coaches, this program is a unique opportunity to experience the same personalized training that delivers extraordinary results for athletes like Daniel Jones (Duke/NY Giants), Mac Jones (Alabama/Patriots), Jake Fromm (Georgia/Bills) and Eli Manning (NY Giants). Build arm strength and hip mobility, understand and train optimal acceleration and deceleration patterns. We implement correct sequence patterns that will deliver newfound torque. Hit, throw, swing, pass and strike like a pro. Experience the immediate and long-term benefits of advanced arm care training. 

Adult Training and Regeneration
Be excited and motivated to work out again. Our adult programs will get you into the best physical shape of your life. This program is for all adults but is built particularly for the adult rotational athlete (think golf and tennis). Quarterbacks are rotational athletes so our program is also built for you! Become more mobile and fit while you train like you never have before. Find new levels of flexibility, mobility and strength that lead to feeling and sleeping better. Enjoy fitness training while you learn new techniques that have proven results at the highest level. achieve your fitness goals in a competitive, supportive team environment.

Coach Josh Hampton
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