David is a great football coach because he is always looking to learn. He’s a detail-oriented coach that loves being on the field and loves people. Relationships with coaches are all about trust and accountability. David Morris is a coach you can count on and QB Country is a brand you can trust.
Eli Manning
New York Giants

David treated Jake like he would an NFL quarterback, even when he was younger. He didn’t know Jake was going to blow up. He gave him personal attention and helped him grow. Now, he and Jake will talk regularly, not always about football. It might be about being a good person, leadership. He wants Jake to be the best he can be. And Jake knows he’s got a coach who’s done it. When a guy teaching you has done the work, that means something.
Emerson Fromm
Father of Jake Fromm/Georgia

From the first time we saw him, David told us John Rhys is a player. He worked with his tape, shortened it up, added some things that colleges wanted to see and from that it went from having some people interested in John Rhys as an athlete to 20-plus quarterback offers.
Denton Plumlee
Father of John Rhys Plumlee/Ole Miss

High school coaches have so many people on the roster to worry about and such limited time to worry about the specifics that quarterbacks really need. Alex Williams helped bridge that gap and developed me from a fundamental standpoint. He’s helped me become a much better player.
Gardner Minshew
Jacksonville Jaguars

We were kind of in a bit of a football wasteland, at least as far as quarterbacks and the recruiting process. There was no real network, no promotion, nothing really out there. With David Morris and QB Country, all that changed. In many ways I feel like we hit the football lottery.
Hayes Dent
Father of Kinkead Dent/Ole Miss

Ben [Neill] really helped me with my leadership qualities. He taught me how to be a better leader and how important the quarterback position was. He also helped me cut down my release, which was pretty long when I started seeing him. He helped me shorten it, helped me with footwork and other mechanics as well.
Daulton Hyatt
Arkansas Razorbacks

I can honestly say I don’t know if I would have played big time college football without the help of David Morris. I began working with him when I was a junior in high school and he made me realize how good I could be. Without David, I don’t think that I would have been able to do the things necessary to become the player that signed with Florida State, Alabama, and eventually became capable of winning a National Championship at Alabama. He shows us what’s possible, believes in us and gives us the roadmap. He knows there are no shortcuts.
Jake Coker
Alabama Crimson Tide (2015 National Champion)

I have followed David’s training and techniques for many years. He’s more than a trainer taking quarterbacks through random drills. He knows how to correct and elevate performance, which is the art of a great teacher. I believe in his style; it’s why I wanted my sons to train with him.
Bobby Bentley
Assistant Coach, South Carolina Gamecocks

Thomas has done an unbelievable job training all three of our quarterbacks over the last four years. KJ [Jefferson], as well as the next two guys have grown leaps and bounds since beginning their training with QB Country.
Carl Diffee
Head Coach, Pamola HS (TN)

QB Country has been a huge benefit for Stone and his development as a QB. Thomas really took the time to work with him on specific improvements he wanted to to make and helped get him to the next level. Thomas has such a great rapport with his QBs and genuinely wants to help them improve and reach their goals.
Cris Norton
Father of Stone Norton/FIU

QB Country gives you both the mental and physical approach it takes to play quarterback at a high level. They are outstanding coaches that love the game and are great men.
Zac Thomas
Appalachian State Mountaineers

Ben [Neill] and QB Country are the best of the best when it comes to QB training. Since I started working with Ben my freshman year of high school, my ability to play the position has improved drastically. My footwork, accuracy, arm strength, knowledge of the game, and leadership have all improved — and I owe it to Ben. He pushes you to improve daily and truly cares about each of his quarterbacks. I recommend Ben and QB Country to anyone serious about improving their ability to play quarterback.
Logan Burnett
Mississippi State Bulldogs

Thomas is an unbelievably great coach and even better person. He has made me a better quarterback and a better person all around. His training replicates real game situations and I wouldn’t be where I am without him and QB Country.
Jackson Walker
Richmond Spiders

If it weren’t for QB Country, I would be nowhere close to where I am today. I have not been in an in-game situation that I was not mentally or physically prepared for by training with Coach Neill.
Gavin Griffin
West Alabama Tigers

“We’ve got a great relationship with David because every quarterback we’ve had at St. Paul’s he’s helped coach. He helps put the kids out there, but he’s not going to do anything outside the box that we don’t know about. He’s always communicating with me. I trust his insight. I’ve even called to ask him for his judgment about what level he thinks a kid can play at in college because he’s got a great feel for what the college coaches are looking for.”

Steve Mask
Head Coach, St. Paul’s Football