Our Story

The quarterback position is my passion and has been for my entire life. I grew up in Alabama, surrounded by football, dreaming of playing quarterback on Friday nights for McGill-Toolen High School in Mobile. I worked hard to make that dream come true, then had to work even harder to fulfill my goal of playing quarterback in the SEC. After leading the state of Alabama in passing yards I didn’t have a single Division 1 offer, but I knew I could play major college football and nobody was going to outwork me.

I was fortunate to walk-on at Ole Miss, play as a freshman and earn a scholarship. Most of my college career, I served as back-up to my friend and future two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. I wanted to be on the field, but the experience ultimately led to what I do today. I received a quarterback education at Ole Miss, learning the position from three of the most respected quarterback coaches in football — David Cutcliffe, Noel Mazzone, and Kurt Roper. In many ways it was like getting my PhD in the quarterback position.

After graduating, I wanted to put that education to use and help kids that had big dreams like me realize their full potential. What began as part-time training for a handful of young athletes has grown into one of the most comprehensive and respected quarterback training programs in the country, with 12 locations across the country. Along the way, we’ve been fortunate to attract a team of talented, passionate coaches with a diverse range of playing and coaching experiences. We’ve helped thousands of young quarterbacks achieve their goals and grow as athletes and men. We feel the same sense of pride and purpose in helping a middle school kid make his 8th grade team as we do in helping an NFL prospect become a top Draft pick.

What we do is who we are. We understand the journey of playing quarterback and know that while it’s not always an easy one, it’s worth the effort, the time and the sacrifice. QB Country is built to serve those who share our excitement and passion for the greatest position in sports.

David Morris
QB Country Founder

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