WR/TE Training

https://rusbank.net/offers/microloans/zaym-bez-procentov/We have been training receivers as part of our QB Country program since Day 1 and launched WR Country in 2017 to provide an expanded position-specific training program. The goal is to give young pass catchers a well-rounded education that touches on every important aspect of playing wide receiver and tight end. You can expect a small group training format of 4-5 receivers and a competitive, practice-like environment with individualized instruction.

Receiver training is held year-round in conjunction with quarterback training and scheduled through your QB Country coach.

WR Training Highlights Highlights

  • The foundations of being a functional athlete
  • The art of catching the football
  • The foundations of stance and start
  • The foundations of blocking at WR and TE
  • The art of getting off press man
  • The steps and depth of each route
  • The nuances to excelling as a pass catcher
  • Leadership, teamwork, hard, smart work and integrity
  • Defensive football (fronts and coverage)
  • Concepts and situational football
  • The difference between man and zone
  • The realities of the recruiting process and how to get recruited