Nick Mullens’ unwavering belief pushes Browns to end

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By Anthony Poisal,

Nick Mullens always believed the Browns were going to have a chance to win Monday against the Raiders, no matter how dire the circumstances seemed.

Mullens, the Browns third-string quarterback, believed the Browns could win all throughout last week as COVID-19 news plucked away at the roster — and the quarterback room. He believed it as he increasingly realized he would be the starting QB in a game with serious playoff implications. And he still believed it when the game finally arrived and the offense struggled to sustain drives through the first 30 minutes.

The Browns believed they had a chance to win the entire time, too. They believed in Mullens, a four-year veteran who had been on the practice squad all season, and with 3 minutes to play against Las Vegas, that belief appeared to be coming true.

“I really believed in the fourth quarter,” Mullens said, “that this night was destined for Cleveland.”

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