QB Country mourns the passing of Coach Charlie Taaffe

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The following is a statement from QB Country founder David Morris regarding the passing of Coach Charlie Taaffe, director of QB Country Orlando:

Earlier today we learned of the passing of our friend, mentor and colleague Coach Charlie Taaffe. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jan and the Taaffe family and all those who knew and loved Charlie.

Charlie lit up the room and the lives of the players he coached with his quick wit, big heart and straightforward style. He was a brilliant football mind, but he never lost the common touch. From NFL stars to high school back-ups, it didn’t matter — he gave his all for everyone. He was demanding and detail-oriented, but he believed in you and you knew it. He loved helping guys improve as players and succeed as people.

Charlie was a true football junkie. Even with 42 years of experience as a college and professional football coach, he was still a student of the game. He loved watching, learning, listening and sharing. I knew from Day 1 how much of an honor and a privilege it was to have him on our QB Country staff. I’ll always treasure my evening calls and conversations with him. Every time Charlie called I learned something new — an insight he’d picked up working with a young quarterback, a new drill, or just a great story (he had so many) from the road. Charlie made me better. He made us all better. I learned so much from him and his approach.

In our years together I was lucky enough to stay with Charlie and Jan when visiting Orlando. They always treated me like family and their relationship has always been an inspiration to me and my wife. Charlie, a teacher, worker, and old school football coach. And Jan, equally hard-working and always there, keeping it all together no matter where the next opportunity would call them. Jan is the definition of a football coach’s wife. They were best friends, perfect for each other.

Charlie’s passing breaks my heart, but I do get a smile knowing he is cracking up the saints in Heaven with his incredible one-liner jokes.

Rest in peace, my friend! Thank you for everything. We love you and will miss you.

David Morris