QB Country coach: Intangibles set Notre Dame QB commit Drew Pyne apart

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By Christian McCollum, Irish Sports Daily

Drew Pyne‍ doesn’t need to prove himself to Thomas Morris as a player or as a person, Pyne has done that again and again.

But that doesn’t stop him from continuing to do so.

“He’s just a first-class kid,” says Morris, the head coach of QB Country’s Nashville and Memphis locations, who Pyne works with.

“After every single time I work him out, I swear to you, I get a hand-written letter in the mail, thanking me for coaching him and working him and how he’s excited about his improvement. He’s a first-class kid and that’s a first-class family. He’s obviously a pleasure to be around and easy to work with.”

Hand-written letters will never help the 2020 Notre Dame quarterback commit complete a pass in South Bend, but the attitude behind them could serve him well.

“It’s an intangible that he just has,” Morris says. “He’s just kind of a natural leader and a giver and will do more than what’s asked of him. He’s just a great kid. It’s just something that natural leaders have. He genuinely cares about people. He’s just an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s just a great kid.

“When you get down to it, there are a lot of really talented quarterbacks, especially when you get to that level. Everybody is really talented, but when you get on the field, if you have those intangibles, that’s what sets you apart; how fast you can process information, if you can get the team behind you by being a leader, being a grinder. I think those things are really important, especially as you move on to Notre Dame and on with his career. In high school, he’s kind of the guy right now, but when you’re fighting for a position, I think those intangibles are the things that really set you apart and he’s got them. It just kind of comes natural to him.”

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