Inside what makes Texas A&M freshman Marcel Reed an intriguing QB for the future

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By Carter Karels, 24/7 Sports

Thomas Morris has watched Texas A&M quarterback signee Marcel Reed attempt the throw countless times.

Dubbed as the 360 No Scope, Reed created a challenging practice throw that shows off his arm strength, accuracy and overall athleticism. Facing a field goal post from approximately 50 yards away, Reed will take a running start, jump and spin a full 360 degrees in the air while uncorking a deep ball before his feet reach the ground.

Morris, a private quarterback trainer for QB Country, has yet to see Reed achieve his goal of nailing the crossbar on the throw. But he has seen him come inches away several times, which is impressive enough.

“He can throw it 75, 80 yards in the air,” said Morris, who has worked with Reed since after his sophomore season. “He has very elite arm talent. Very elite. It is one of the bigger arms that I train. It is comparable to NFL talent right now. It is really impressive.”

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