History made Sawyer Smith ready to step in as UK quarterback

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Kentucky quarterback Sawyer Smith took over for injured started Terry Wilson and threw two touchdowns (including a TD on his first pass) in the Wildcats’ 38-17 victory over Eastern Michigan. It’s familiar territory for Sawyer who last year replaced injured starter Kaleb Barker at Troy and led the Trojans to a ten-win season and bowl game victory. Sawyer shared his perspective on being ready for his moment after the game:

“It’s not fun how it happens, but it’s fun to get out there and do what I’ve been preparing for since I was a kid,” Smith said afterwards. “Everybody wants to play in the SEC in this region of the United States.”

“I came here to fill the need as a back-up quarterback. That’s what I signed up for,” Smith said. “I would have been fine being in here two years from now talking to you guys and walking across with a master’s in my hand. But this happened. Now I want to take this team as far as we can go. You want to win every Saturday and that’s what I’m going to do.

“You understand that there can’t be a drop off,” Smith said. “You have to be ready. Next man up is the cliche thing to say, but that’s how it really is right now.”

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