Georgia quarterback Fromm remains intense in preparation

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By Marc Weiszer, Augusta Chronicle

“He’s always been very motivated,” said David Morris, Fromm’s private quarterbacks coach since his freshman year at Houston County High. “He’s always prepared like it was his last offseason or like he was trying to earn the job. I don’t think his preparation has not been more intense because it was so intense from the get-go. It’s kind of his makeup.”

Morris worked with Fromm several times this offseason in Mobile, Ala., and came up once to work out with Fromm in Georgia.

The 6-foot-2, 220-pound Fromm has put an extra emphasis heading into his junior season on showing a quicker twitch, making throws off balance on the run and being strong in the pocket with his feet and eyes.

He watches a lot of film of Drew Brees and Tom Brady and wants to be as polished as those NFL stars look.

“I’m trying to get more intentional with my feet,” Fromm said. “I’m trying to get twitchier. Tom Brady, he plays with unbelievable twitch in the pocket. He’s so quick. When he runs a 40, he’s not that fast, but in the pocket he’s so twitchy and so fast.”

Morris and Fromm, known as a pocket passer, spent a lot of time this offseason on playing in a contested pocket under “bad scenarios.”

“He’s a really good athlete and he has a great pocket presence,” Morris said. “He’s very twitchy in the pocket. You can see sudden movements, sudden slides, sudden little bitty half-man movements that get him out of trouble, but they’re not dramatic. I think that’s who he is.”

That work should strengthen Fromm’s arm, Morris said, “because you don’t have the luxury of using your lower half,” which should enhance mechanics.

Fromm has a background pitching in baseball, which Morris said means he can throw from any arm angle, but there’s been a focus on his arm angle being more consistently vertical.

“That’s a little thing that we work on that we think gives him a little more consistency,” Morris said, “maybe a little bit more ball authority. …If he’s locked in on that over a period of time, it creates shoulder mobility and he’s going to probably be just a little bit more consistent. Consistency is his game. If you can get that 67 percent (completion percentage last season) to 72, that’s a huge deal.”

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