Eli Manning Thinks Daniel Jones is Built Tough for New York

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By Patricia Traina, SI.com

Perhaps no one knows the challenges and pressures of playing in the New York market more than retired New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Yet Manning successfully navigated through the maze thanks to his steel-like resolve and dedication to his job. Those traits were just a few examples that Manning taught Daniel Jones, his successor. And Jones, like Manning, has built up enough callouses to survive the sometimes-brutal environment that can eat some professional athletes alive.

“Daniel has handled it so well,” Manning said during a recent appearance on the NFL Network‘s Good Morning Football program. “Every game, you could come in and throw four touchdowns, and they’ll say you’re the greatest player and the MVP. But the next week, you throw two interceptions, and they’re saying you’re a bust and a big mistake.

“You’ve got to deal with that, and you’ve got to handle that. But I think he’s handled it so well.”

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