Drew Pyne’s leadership and work ethic has him in contention to start at ND

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By Fernando Ramirez, NDInsider.com

[Drew] Pyne dreamed of starting at Notre Dame since he was 4. There’s even a video of him standing on a chair in his living room chanting “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy” while imitating a scene from the famous 1993 sports movie.

He’s prepared for this opportunity since the eighth grade when Pyne began working with David Morris — founder of the national quarterback development company QB Country — and Morris’ brother, Thomas. They have all been together for about eight years now.

In the offseason, Pyne and the Morrises watch the film from the previous year, go over what the coaches have asked Pyne to work on and come up with their own evaluation.

“He’s one of those guys that has this spirit about him that he’s going to go out, and he’s going to fix the problem,” Thomas Morris said. “He’ll go to the sideline, he’ll fix that problem. He’ll go back and throw a touchdown. That’s just the guy Drew is.”