Daniel Jones working hard to improve this offseason

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By Steve Serby, New York Post

Former Duke quarterback Anthony Boone, a trainer at QB Country, can vouch for it.

“He really just kind of stressed to me, ‘If you don’t mind, just kind of rough me up in the pocket a little bit, try and knock the ball out of my hands,’ ” Boone told The Post. “Every drill that we do, I kind of walk up behind him, walk up on him, and I’m trying to rake the ball out of his hands.

“Even if he’s just standing around, I’m just trying to poke the ball out of his hand.”

Boone, armed with hand sanitizer and a mask, supervises Jones’ various quarterback drills on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ball security is always part of the agenda.

“He basically right now is asking me to coach him and give feedback in the small details but also be a gnat and be as annoying as possible when it comes to trying to get the ball out of his hand,” Boone said.

Boone, joking that he is a hard grader, has witnessed enough progress to give Jones an A-minus.

“Early on, I got him a couple of times, “ Boone said, “but now he’s pretty locked in.”

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