2023 QB and Auburn target Brock Glenn has ‘face of the program’ potential

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By Nick Alvarez, AL.com

At Lausanne (Tenn.) Collegiate, the Fall brings an unwanted tradition for the Lynx.

Ahead of their first scrimmage, Lausanne coaches and players pack into the school’s main gymnasium with air mattresses for a five-night football sleepaway camp. The two practices a day are long and hot, a necessary grind to boost morale and prep for the season.

Nearly everyone hates it.

Well, everyone except Brock Glenn.

Glenn walked onto Lausanne’s campus a gangly, big-footed 140-pounder from Covington, Tenn., a small town of 8,863 people, per the latest census. He originally threw a football like a baseball, but coaches saw him bouncing around the gym at Fall camp and knew he had the dedication to make it if his physical traits matched. Thomas Morris, Glenn’s position coach at QB Country, said he’s a player who never needed to hear the same critique twice. Lynx coaches knew they could drill Glenn over specifics and he’d take it, setting a tone for the team.

By his sophomore season, well into a 40-pound transformation, — he’s currently listed at 6-foot-2, 195-pounds — Glenn found opportunity as Lausanne’s starter transferred.

He showcased his smoother release and crisp footwork. Morris worked on his arm extension to keep the release efficient. Glenn split his time weightlifting with the offensive linemen and organizing throwing sessions with receivers on the weekends.

“He’s one of those kids that’s truly obsessed with football,” Morris said, “He lives it. That’s his first love. … There are some guys who just pick up a ball and they get it. It started way before he got to me.”

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