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These guys may be the 2 most under the radar QB’s with NFL Star potential in all of College Football

Bennett & Bridge trained together this summer with QB Country’s David Morris for several days and have become fans of each other and friends.
Southeastern Louisiana QB Bryan Bennett and South Alabama QB Brandon Bridge are two names that you may not be familiar with. But by season’s end, College Football fans and NFL personnel will definitely have heard of these 2 journeymen Quarterbacks! They both have prototypical size, big arm’s & elite athleticism. Bennett is coming off a big year as he was named Player of the Year in the Southland Conference in 2013. Bridge, who is from Canada, played in some big moments last year and started at Alcorn State before transferring and then sitting out in 2012. Both Bennett and Bridge were widely considered two of the most impressive QB’s at July’s Manning Passing Academy. Bennett and his SELU teammates hosts Jacksonville on Aug 30th. USA and Bridge travel to Kent State on September 6th. Good luck fellas!

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