Stetson Bennett IV is following Jake Fromm’s lead in every way

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By Chip Towers, Dawgnation

Turns out that Jake Fromm is not the only Georgia quarterback to utilize the services of quarterback guru David Morris.

Stetson Bennett IV, who is in a competition to become Fromm’s primary backup this year, also went out to Mobile, Ala., on spring break to attend one of Morris’ famed camps at his QB Country facility. Morris, a former Ole Miss quarterback, has been training quarterbacks, including Matt Barkley, Jake Coker, AJ McCarron, Paxton Lynch and Chad Kelly, since 2004. He founded QB Country in 2010.

At the moment, Fromm is Morris’ most prized pupil. You couldn’t talk more glowingly than Morris does about Georgia’s starting quarterback, who has been attending sessions at QB Country since he was a high school sophomore.

“Everybody knows Jake’s the guy now at Georgia,” Morris said. “Everybody understands he’s the leader of that team and one of the best quarterbacks in the country. He’s earned that. I can’t tell you how good I think Jake Fromm is. Fromm is off the charts.”

Meanwhile, Morris is coaching Bennett for the first time. At 5-foot-11, 190 pounds, Bennett is a radically different study than the 6-2, 225-pound Fromm. But as Morris noted in a tweet that he sent out on QB Country’s Twitter timeline on Friday, Bennett’s also a more “twitchy” quarterback than Fromm. Armed with quick feet and a quick release, he’s almost better on the ad lib than with a scripted play.

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