Nicholls senior quarterback finds strength, motivation in older brother

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The unique relationship between Nicholls State quarterback/QBC New Orleans trainee Chase Fourcade and older brother, Taylor, was the subject of a recent feature on Excerpt below, for the full story, click here. 

But what drives Fourcade the most is the one thing he can’t change with hard work and extra drills. No amount of touchdowns or yards or wins can ever be enough.

In all those moments, both good and bad, while Fourcade was battling it out on the field, the driving motivation for it all watched from the sidelines.

Taylor Fourcade was born with cerebral palsy. Diagnosed at 16 months, he’s never walked a day in his life, let alone played football. He’s been limited to a wheelchair for as long as he can remember.

He also never misses a game.

When Nicholls hosted playoff games for two consecutive years, Taylor watched from the stands.

When his little brother threw the interception against Georgia, Taylor assured Georgia fans Chase wouldn’t back down.

And when Chase and his father spent all those nights putting in extra work, Taylor was right there with them helping shape his brother’s arm with words of advice.

Every time Chase Fourcade looks to the sideline, he sees the reason why he plays the game.

“He’s the reason I’m out here,” Fourcade said fighting back his emotions. “I really love what I’m doing and he loves what I do. He texts me every day just to see how practice was. He’s the first one watching film. He has a smile on his face every time. He’s so positive and he just loves being out here. He’s just positive.”