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About QB Country

QB Country is based out of Mobile, Alabama and specializes in quarterback training and development. We are currently training middle school, high school, College and NFL quarterbacks. QB Country offers specific quarterback training focusing on the proper footwork, throwing and body mechanics as well as the mental and physical aspects of playing the hardest position in sports. Our goal is to educate quarterbacks on how to play the position the correct way at game speed. img_1722_1043

We will break down each quarterback in three different areas: 1.) Feet to hips 2.) Hips to neck, arm included 3.) Above the neck (the mental aspect of the game). Attention to detail at the quarterback position is integral. QB Country films and takes pictures at each session and reviews that material every fourth session (or when necessary) to ensure the details aren’t getting overlooked and are being communicated. img_1290_0611

As a quarterback, you have to be a fast-twitch athlete as well as the fastest thinker on the field. Quarterbacks will be taught basic fundamentals to the complexities of offense and defense. Knowledge and understanding is the key to playing fast and confident. QB Country will challenge quarterbacks to be a complete player. Quarterbacks will learn how to evaluate game film and what to look for when studying defensive football. QB Country offers each athlete a positive and competitive learning environment while also stressing discipline, attitude, character and leadership. Quarterbacks will learn the tangibles and intangibles of playing quarterback.


QB Country is led by former Ole Miss quarterback David Morris (a four-year letterman from 1998-2002). At Ole Miss, Morris was coached by three of the most respected quarterback coaches in Football, Noel Mazzone (current offensive coordinator at Texas A&M), David Cutcliffe (current Duke head coach) and Kurt Roper (current South Carolina offensive coordinator).
At Ole Miss David was a four-year travel roommate with two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. Combining his wealth of quarterback education learned from the coaches mentioned above with his own experience of playing the position, David felt compelled to offer this advanced training to quarterbacks who dream of playing at a high level. The result is a well-rounded regimen that has gradually emerged as one of the most respected and sought after quarterback training programs in the country.
“Education and energy are two things you’ll experience at every QB Country session,” Morris said. “I remember those times in my playing career when a coach opened my eyes to something valued, but to that point, unseen. Those moments constitute elements of growth and sparked a new excitement for the position. It’s our goal to bring such revelations to the young people we work with across America.”
QB Country guarantees major improvements in footwork, accuracy, arm strength, anticipation, confidence, football education and the intricacies of playing quarterback. This training and education will lead to playing the quarterback position faster, with a deeper understanding and with more command.

In June 2013, QB Country partnered with D1 Sports Training to be its exclusive Quarterback Training Company in the United States.  QB Country currently has 7 of its 10 locations in a D1 Sports facility; Jackson, Miss., Birmingham, Ala., Memphis, Tenn., Winston Salem, NC., Covington, La., Orlando, Fla., and D1 Sports Headquarters in Nashville, Tenn.